How to Handle a Contractor Dispute

Having a custom home built or your current home remodeled is a big undertaking. It is a process that can last months, or even years if you run into issues with your contractor. Any work performed on your home should always be accompanied by a contract. Even if you are having just one room remodeled or the floors replaced, it’s best to have the job details in writing to protect you and the contractor from issues. Here’s how you can handle a contractor dispute.


Take a Second Look


It’s always best to take a second look at the contract you signed with the contractor prior to making any legal moves. You should review the contract with your attorney so he or she can pinpoint any possible issues. Obviously it’s too late once a dispute arises but you should always have a contract reviewed by your attorney prior to signing on the dotted line.




Many contractor disputes head to mediation for resolution. If your dispute is headed for mediation, make sure you have your attorney with you. Your attorney will help you answer questions and keep you calm during this meeting. Your attorney will also be able to discuss important legal topics with the mediator and the contractor’s lawyer.


Pursue Litigation


There are some disputes with contractors that can only be solved with the use of California civil litigation. Don’t think that reaching this step means you have failed elsewhere. It’s just that litigation might be the only way for you to get what the contractor promised you in the contract at the start of the project.


Contractor disputes can put a damper on the excitement of a new home or a remodeling project. A dispute of this kind can also delay the completion of the project, which could also be viewed as a breach of contract.

Ed Mister